Rotary Club of Blythe Bridge & District funded a poultry project.

The Makanda Womens Group live in the Manungu district south of Monze. They are a women's support group including widows, the elderly and disabled.

The group asked Deana for help to generate income to enable them to run a school for 3 to 7 year olds and support the 9 children with disabilities in the group. The Blythe Bridge Rotary Club heard about this group and kindly offered to fund an egg laying project to enable the group to generate income. We provided capacity building for the group to learn poultry management and book keeping. 

We are pleased to report the project is continuing to be self sustaining. In 2018 the group are now rearing chickens which they sell to generate income to support their early years school and members of the group.

The Makanda Womens Group are happy to have this project and would like to thank Blythe Bridge Rotary Club for their help.

In June, 9 trustees and supporters visited our projects in Monze in partnership with Zambia Women and Girls Foundation. We officially handed over Malimba Community School and 3 new classrooms at Lushomo School to the Department of Education in Monze. Building started at our 6th school, Kachindu Community School. We drilled 3 bore holes in rural areas in readiness for building more schools and giving the communities very much needed access to clean water.

At Malimba Community School the local people kindly invited us to visit their homes. They told us that there had been a drought with significantly less rainfall than expected and consequently the harvest had failed, we saw for ourselves the empty grain hoppers and dry riverbeds.

Our trustees promised to do all they could to help. The trustees have been in contact with the International Development Department of the British Government about very real concerns that the families have no food and famine is imminent. We are also in contact with the World Food Program in Zambia. 

Our first thoughts are with a little early years school we have been working with for 5 years. This includes 10 children who have severe disabilities and 20 children who are vulnerable or orphaned. Some of the children suffer from HIV, they can not take their life-saving medication without food in their stomachs.  Our partners are planning, aided by a healthcare worker, to provide a daily nutritious meal for these 30 children.   

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