We teach Menstrual Hygiene Management, 
cervical cancer awareness, women's rights

We provide training for local women's groups in menstrual hygiene, cervical cancer awareness and women's rights.

Some of these women are then taught to use traditional drama to pass on what they have learned to school children and women's groups.

We provide 3 Church women's groups with sewing machines and material to sew washable re-usable pads for school girls. Monthly protection for girls, ensures girls can attend school every day, so they are better educated, improving life opportunities for them and their children. No girl is left behind. The women are equipped to start their own small business sewing pads to generate income.

As Zambia has one of the highest death rates in the world from cervical cancer, educating women about cervical cancer awareness saves lives.

In the past women and girls under customary law faced many challenges, like their parent choosing who they should marry. In most communities men still have control over most household property. Women's rights training lets women know they can go to court and claim their rights.