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Singonya School building started December 2023

Singonya School is in a rural area of Monze District. The school was started in 1956 by Catholic Priests.

Friends of Monze first helped Singonya School with water.  Since 1965, 3 wells had been dug, but the water was not fit to drink, 10 bore holes had been drilled without finding water. but no water had been found. On  22.9.2021 Friends fo Monze found water. The bore hole is down hill from school so children carry water uphill to water a small vegetable garden and to water 15 fruit trees we gave them. 

In June 2022 Friends of Monze trustees visited Singonya with our partners Zambia Wonmen and Girls Foundation. The classrooms were old, windows partly bricked up and the roof had been replaces and repaired. The community were keen to have new classrooms and prepared sand and bricks. We are training 8 men and 2 women to be builders, they have completed 2 weeks theory training and will learn practical skills working on building 3 new classrooms.

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