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Nalutanda School building 2021

This is the twelth school we are helping to rebuild, and is set in a rural area 38 miles west of Monze town. It has 1,257 children from 18 villages with an adult class for 52 people - mainly women- wanting to enrol. We first saw this school in 2021 which then had 3 adequate classroom blocks and 2 dilapidated blocks, built entirely by the community. We initially drilled the bore hole and installed a pump to provide water for the bricks, drinking and hygiene. Building the basic 3 classrooms was completed in December 2021, just in time as the school was cut off by exceptionally heavy rains which damaged crops and homes. We hope to raise funds to build more toilets for both boys and girls.

We are pleased to have had funding for gardening training this year and will need to help raise funds to help them fence the garden and protect vegetables from wandering cattle.

There are high pregnancy rates among the school girls and the community have asked for Human Rights training which our partners ZaWGF will provide.

We have been asked for sets of The Happy Reader reading books which we are busy raising funds for, and have already installed a Raspberry Pi remote learning centre

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