Nalutanda School building 2021

Nalutanda School was started in 1957, it is the 12th school we are helping. It is in a rural area 38 miles west of Monze town, taking 1,249 children from 18 villages. There is an adult class for 52 people with more women wanting to enrol. 

The school has 3 adequate classroom blocks and 2 dilapidated blocks, all built by the community without outside help. The community had started building a foundation box however the corners were out of shape and the blocks used were weak. They agreed with Stanley, our building contractor, to start again building with new foundations.

The type of soil in the area means the community do not make fired bricks, they make bricks using soil, cement and water. The school has a well and a borehole which do not give enough water. The first help we gave was to drill a bore hole and install a pump to provide water for drinking and washing as well as making bricks to build the classrooms.  

Nalutanda school has 17 qualified Government paid teachers however only 14 houses and 1 half built house they asked us to complete.

Rocks Foundation (Water Aid) built 3 toilets for boys and 3 for girls. The school needs more toilets.

The school is close to a "dambo" wetland marsh. There are some old trees. The teachers would like a fence and help to start a garden. 

Girls can walk up to 9 miles to school. There is a problem with girls dropping out of school, early pregnancy and marriage. The community are asking for Human rights training.

Teachers are asking for "Happy Readers" reading books also training and the provision of IT equipment. 

Building the basic 3 classrooms was completed in December 2021, just in time as the school was cut off by exceptionally heavy rains which damaged crops and homes.

When the roads are passable again we will return to Nalutanda to build toilets.