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Chicheleko School built 2023

Chicheleko School is near Monze town. It educates 380 children age 5 to 16 years. In June 2023 Friends of Monze trustees visited Chicheleko with our partners Zambia Wonmen and Girls Foundation. The school had 3 classrooms without windows or doors, and an outdoor "classroom" under a tree. Children learn in shifts. The community were keen to have more classrooms so they quickly contributed bricks, stones and sand.

Building started 25.9.2023 and 3 classrooms were completed 20.11.2023.

Chicheleko school has water, it needs desks, books, toilets, a house for a teacher and a garden.

20.11.2023 Chicheleko School 3 new classrooms

Chicheleko 3 new classrooms 20.11.2023
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