Namateba School built 2022

Namateba School was founded in 1941, it is in a rural area 25 miles east of Monze town on a rough unmade road. It educates 496 children, 40 of whom are orphans,  age 5 to 16 years. In 2021 20 children were not able to pay school fees so dropped out of education, in 2022 education was made free in Zambia so more children will be able to attend school.

Namateba had 4 good classrooms and 3 classrooms where the roof kept blowing off due to termite damage. 

This school has 5 qualified Government paid teachers, 2 qualified volunteer teachers and 2 unqualified volunteer teachers. 

The first step to helping Namateba was to drill a bore hole. The bore hole now provides a good water supply for the school and nearby homes however at 100 meters deep it is heavy work to draw water using the hand pump.

Some children walk for 2 hours each way to attend school. The school is on the edge of the Zambian plateau where the land descends towards Kariba dam. Children walk as much as 2 hours each way to reach school, up and down hill and crossing dangerous streams. The school have asked us to help build a boarding house and set up a school feeding program, this would enable more children to attend school.

We trained local youths as builders while we built Mwiinga-Malimvwa school in 2018, these young men and women have gone on to gain employment in the building industry. We are please to say we are now training 10 young people from Namateba to be builders. 

The school would benefit from a school garden to grow food for the children, and for children and the community to learn sustainable gardening skills. A garden would require more water the hand pump can supply, so needs a solar pump.