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Malimba School

In June 2019 trustees and supporters of Friends of Monze travelled from the UK to Monze to visit the schools that had been built and to hand over the school to the Department of Education. What a party we had, singing, dancing and feasting. Villagers welcomed us to visit their homes.

The Zambian Department of Education asked Friends of Monze to build this Malimba community School which is in a rural area and takes children from surrounding farming villages. We must have water before we start building, and in this case it was difficult to access but after 2 failed drillings we took advice from who a geological surveyor and finally were anle to locate water. in 2020 when the school had 305 children and we needed to grow food for them, we updated this to instal a solar water pump . We went on to build 2 teacher's houses.

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