Malimba School

Malimba Community School is in a rural area, and takes children from surrounding farming villages. The Department of Education asked us to rebuild this, our 5th school. Before building a school we must have water. The first 2 drillings we failed to find water, so we conducted a geological survey and finally at the 3rd drilling we located water.

We not only built the school, but also a house for the Department of Education to deploy 2 qualified teachers.

In June 2019 trustees and supporters travelled from the UK to Monze to hand over the school to the Department of Education. What a party we had, singing, dancing and feasting. Villagers welcomed us to visit their homes.

In 2020 the school has 305 children, so at the request of the community we  built a second teacher's house.  The school needed a garden to provide food for the children and to raise money for the school. The garden needed more water than could be pumped by hand so we installed a solar powered pump now water comes through taps. The garden is doing very well.