Human Rights Training

At many schools where we work, head teachers have asked for help as there is a high rate of schoolgirl pregnancy.

We aim to break the cycle of illiteracy and poverty girls are locked in by preventing abusive practices, early pregnancy and improving women's access to justice.

Women and girls suffer early/forced marriage, gender based violence and lack access to justice over land-rights.

Our Monze based partners Zambia Women and Girls Foundation are experienced human rights trainers. They provide women's rights training for women's groups and village people.

£4,500 will fund a 3 year project of legal training to improve knowledge, awareness and attitudes to justice amongst traditional leaders who dispense customary justice, awareness training for villagers, and train school children to be children's rights peer educators. 

Human rights training in a rural village

Zambia Women and Girls Foundation experts provide human rights training to rural villages.