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Lushomo School build 2014 extension built 2019

Lushomo Community School was set up in 2003 by the local Headman where half the children were orphans. It is our only school set in a town.

In May 2012 the community asked Charles Dinda from Zambia Women and Girls Foundation and Deana Owen for help building new classrooms. With the help of Bridgend Quakers Deana set up Friends of Monze to build Lushomo School.

In September 2014 we drilled a bore hole and started building our first 3 classrooms. Then in January 2015 the walls from the old building collapsed. The PTA borrowed a tent so lessons continued.There were great, all day celebrations when the school was finally handed over to the Department of Education.

Over the next couple of years we installed a solar water pump and built 4 showers for the girls at the school and provided them with menstrual training and pads so that they would not have to miss school. WASH training was taught throughout the school and community.

The garden teaches the children valuable life skills to help feed them and their families to generate income.

In 2019 3 new classrooms were built in order to have classes going up to grade 9. This school now takes children to grade 9 and is very oversubscribed now 613 vulnerable children from a nearby compound joined the school in 2020. We have provided laptops, projectors and remote learning hot spots to enable all children to receive an education

Lushomo School is now twinned with Cilfrew primary School in Neath in south Wales through the British Council Connecting Classrooms scheme.

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