To improve literacy we equip schools with books

We provide Zambian curriculum text books, however we are aware that reading levels are low. Children fall behind and drop out. We are determined that the children in our schools are going to benefit from the best education we can possibly help provide. The world opens up to girls and boys who can read! Literate mothers have fewer, healthier children who will become literate themselves. A literate farmer is more successful than an illiterate one. Now schools are currently closed due to corona virus, with no IT technology and no access to books children will fall even further behind.

The Happy Readers program is specifically designed to teach English as a second language, it is bright attractive and culturally appropriate covering issues of agriculture, gender equality, climate change and positive African values of kindness and hard work. The scheme includes books, bright posters, teachers handbook and teacher training. The reading scheme is planned to improve the teacher's skills and confidence in teaching reading and children's reading writing and comprehension skills. The scheme costs £1,050 for a school.

Happy Readers web site gives more information on the performance of the reading scheme.