Kaumba School

Kaumba Primary School is in a zonal or "Mother" school in a rural area 1/2 hours drive from Monze town on unmade roads. In 2017 a classroom block, which had been built in 1940, collapsed in the rain leaving 350 children without classrooms. We worked with the community to build 3 new classrooms in 2018. This is the 4th school we re-built. In 2020 a total of 276 children are having lessons in these classrooms. 

We were very pleased that Kaumba Primary is twinned through the British Council Connecting Classrooms scheme with Catwg Primary school in Neath, South Wales.

We were pleased to get a grant to fence the school garden and provide lessons in permaculture gardening to the children, teachers and community.  Wandering goats are a problem so the orange trees we gave the school have to be moved into the fenced area.