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Chona School built 2022-3

Chona school is in a rural area 19 miles east of Monze town on an unmade road. 

As with other schools the first thing Friends of Monze did to help Chona school was drill a borehole. We hit water on the 3rd drilling on 24.11.2021. We installed a hand pump providing water to improve health at Chona school and for 27 nearby households. 

Chona school has recently been upgraded to teach children from 5 to 16 years old. This enables girls to continue their education to 16 years old while living safely at home. The 509 children at Chona were being taught in 2 shifts. Deana Owen from Friends of Monze visited the school with Zambia Women and Girls Foundation in July 2022 and we were asked to build 3 classrooms to accommodate extra pupils.

Building work started 2.11.2022 and 3 new classrooms were completed 16.1.2023.

We trained 9 men as builders, they started with 2 weeks theory training then learned practical skills building the classrooms. They will have theory and practical tests before receiving their certificates.

The school now needs desks for the new classrooms, more text books, teacher's houses repaired, toilets, and of course footballs and drums. Chona school would benefit from its own garden to grow food, this needs a fence and solar powered water pump. 

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