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Solar Powered Information Technology

Friends of Monze have teamed up with Giakonda SolarSchools, another charity based in Wales and working in Southern Zambia, to provide and install solar power for the many schools in outlying rural areas.

We still have much work to do but so far we have provided:-

  • Solar power in 3 schools, mains electricity in 1 school

  • Lights in 4 schools

  • 35 laptops in schools

  • 3 projectors in schools

  • 15 Raspberry Pi computers with RACHEL learning resources in schools. These Raspberry Pis act as remote learning hot-spots which are loaded with Wikipedia, African traditional stories, Science, Agriculture and Health Material.

It is amazing that a remote African School can use modern technology to teach not only the children but the whole community.

We are working hard to raise enough money for all the schools where we work to benefit from enough laptops and Raspberry Pis to really impact the children’s learning.


We are fundraising to supply solar power to more schools and provide laptops, Raspberry Pi and teacher training.

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