Ntambo School

Ntambo School was started way back in 1929. It is a zonal or "Mother School" taking children from age 5 to 16 years old. It has recently been upgraded to teach children up to  19 years old when they complete their education at the end of grade 12. Children attend village community schools like Malimba until they are 11 or 14 years old and big enough to walk to Ntambo. 

860 children attend Ntambo school taught by 10 qualified teachers. A lot of the children come from very poor families and 21% are single or double orphans. The school desperately needs more classrooms so the PTA raised funds to start building however they ran out of money and could not complete the building. 

Thanks to a generous donor Friends of Monze was able to complete the building and provide desks for the children to concentrate on lessons in comfort. This is the ninth school we have helped build. Ntambo school did not have a  water supply so we drilled a bore hole, providing water for washing is needed anytime, but especially during the global pandemic. We are fundraising to start a school permaculture garden and install a solar powered pump to increase the water supply.

Zambia women and Girls Foundation have been asked to provide human rights training for traditional leaders, the community and school to improve access to justice for women and girls. We are fundraising for this training.