Sikabenga School

Sikabenga School is in a rural area near the dam which is the water supply for Monze town. The Headmaster at Sikabenga school wrote to our partners Zambia Women and Girls Foundation in December 2020 asking for help with the school infrastructure. The school was started in 1948. It teaches 700 children from 5 to 16 years old. It has 7 classrooms, the roof blew off a 2 classroom building in 2018 and the community had not been able to raise money for a new roof.

Thanks to a generous donor Friends of Monze was able to repair the building providing 2 safe classrooms. This is our ninth school building.

The school only had 41 usable desks, so we provided desks and bookcases for the classrooms.

The school borehole, which it shares with 30 households, was in need of repair. Fortunately we were able to raise funds to repair the borehole and hand pump.

The school requested a solar pump to provide more water for 700 children and the school garden. We will fundraise for this and a fence to stop wandering animals breaking through the stick fence and eating crops in the school garden.