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Sikabenga School

In 2020 the headmaster at Sikabenga school wrote to our partners Zambia Women and Girls Foundation asking for help with the school infrastructure. Sikabenga School is in a rural area and teaches 847 children from 5 to 16 years old. They had been waiting for 2 years for a replacement roof and repairs to the building of 2 of the classrooms which we were able to do as well as providing more desks and bookcases.


The school had a bore hole and hand pump but this could not supply enough water. In 2022 we installed a solar powered water pump to provide more water for the 847 children and the school garden.

The pump was funded by a grant from The Peter Stebbings Memorial Charity. 

There are a total of 7 taps providing water for

 847 school children, 13 teachers and their families and 30 community members around the school have easy access to water for drinking and hygiene. This will help improve health by preventing the spread of infections.

We had a grant to fence a large garden area and provide permaculture training. The solar pump is providing water to the school garden now enabling the school to grow okra, rape, sunflower, maize, tomatoes. The children will be healthier for having a plentiful supply of water at school and eating from the school garden.

The school is selling vegetables from the garden and using the income to provide books, pens and pencils for orphans and poor children who attend the school.

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