Kachindu School

In July 2019 we started building Kachindu our 7th school. The villagers are farmers and live near the National Park and fishing area of Lochinvar. Children were taught under a tree by unqualified teachers. Local people worked hard to mould and fire 17,000 bricks for the school and bring ox-carts of sand and crushed stones. We drilled a bore hole for water and women are carrying buckets of water on their heads to the building site. The school was finished in January 2020, we then built 2 houses for qualified teachers to live on site. 225 children attend the school.

In 2020 we had a grant to install a solar powered water pump, provide fruit trees and gardening tools and fence a school garden. The permaculture trainers spent 5 days teaching farmers, children and teachers to grow food. 

Kachindu school is one of the first 4 schools in Monze to benefit from the "Happy Readers" reading scheme, books and training designed to improve the standards of literacy.