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Children at school learning to read

  • To work in partnership with Zambia Women and Girls Foundation to build and resource schools so the poorest children can benefit from an education

  • to improve health by drilling and repairing bore holes and providing training to grow food

  • In all we do we strive to work in a sustainable way.


Future Plans
  • Because of the generosity of donors, local benefactors Trusts and Foundations, we have surpassed our initial expectations, but there is still much work to do.

  • To focus on providing water and toilets and WASH training at all our schools, fundamental if school children are to stay healthy and be able to learn

  • To improve educational standards. More schools better resourced using Happy Readers scheme, shelves of story and reference books. Funds to provide desks and teaching equipment together with more extra curricular activities like dance, drama, sports.

  • To provide solar panels enabling schools to open in the evening for parents and community use. Encouraging parents to be involved in children's education so they attend school daily. To provide teachers with better resources and training and to ensure IT training is given to teachers so they – and the children- can benefit from all that RaspberryPi can offer.

  • To increase human rights training for all, so people can achieve their potential  with reduced teenage pregnancies and early marriages

  • To combat climate change by training and empowering communities to grow food in a sustainable way.  continue establishing school gardens to provide teachers, children and the community with training and experience in sustainable methods of growing a variety of food.

  • To continue working with our partners to plant thousands of  trees, mainly fruit trees,  at schools and homesteads. 

  • To continue our shared child protection policy with Zambia Women and Girls Foundation to ensure children are safe in school.

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