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Treasurer Zambai Women and Girls Foundation

Fred Mwiiya 

 Date of Birth: 10/11/1950

1970 - Form 5 (Today Grade 12) - obtained School Certificate

1972 - Nkuruma Teachers' College - Secondary Teachers' Diploma

- Taught Geography at Chamboli Secondary School, Kitwe.

1975 - Appointed Acting Head of Geography Department

- Appointed to various positions later as head of department, House Master.

1983 - obtained Barchellor of Arts with Education

1984 - Appointed as Deputy Head Master at Pemba Secondary School

1988 -Appointed Head Master at Siavonga Grade 1 School.

1991 - Attended an In-Service Course for Head teachers and Higher Course for Education Officers at Chalimbana University

1992 - Appointed Education Officer for Livingstone District

1994 - Appointed District Board Secretary (DEBS) for Livingstone and later for Siavonga

2005 - Retired from Ministry of Education.

2015 - Appointed Principal at Brima College of Education in Monze. The college offers a Secondary Teachers' Dimploma

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