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87 Park Street


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Friends of Monze Registered Charity No 1154762

Phone 07807660543


We build and equip schools in Monze, Zambia.
  • 7 classroom blocks built. 

  • Equipped with books, food gardens, laptops.

  • 10 boreholes drilled providing drinking water, hygiene and watering plants.

  • Menstrual Hygiene Management, Cervical Cancer Awareness and Women's Rights training.

  • Feeding hungry school children and providing seeds.

Due to drought in Monze 2019, there was no harvest. We are asking YOU to help feed school children.

Retired Bridgend health worker gains award for development work in Zambia

Deana Owen, 73,  chair of Friends of Monze and a retired health visitor from Bridgend has received an award from the Bridgend Association of Volunteer Organisations (BAVO) for her outstanding work in Zambia. The award was presented by Huw Irranca-Davies AM at the Heronston Hotel in Bridgend at the end of 2019.

Deana works non-stop, giving presentations all over the country, talking to anyone who will listen, applying for grants and selling Zambian crafts she brings back from her regular visits to Monze. 

Due to the disastrous effects of climate change there were no rains in Monze in January 2019 – resulting in no harvest in April.  When trustees and supporters of the charity visited Monze in June, they saw for themselves the parched ground, dry river beds and empty grain hoppers. People now face hunger, the situation is life-threatening. People are grubbing around for wild roots and fruit and the supplies have been exhausted. Desperate people walk for hours to find piece work then walk home with a little food for their families.

We are raising money for school children to have one nutritious meal a day.