Quaker Meeting House

87 Park Street


CF31 4AZ

Friends of Monze Registered Charity No 1154762

Phone 07807660543


We build and equip schools in Monze, Zambia.
  • We have built 7 classroom blocks of 3 classrooms each. 

  • We provide books, sustainable permaculture food gardens, solar powered laptops and projectors.

  • We have drilled 10 boreholes which providing water for building, drinking, hygiene and to grow food in the gardens.

  •  We provide training in Menstrual Hygiene Management, Cervical Cancer Awareness and Women's Rights.

  • We are now feeding hungry school children and providing seeds and fertiliser to grow food next year.

Due to drought in Monze 2019, there was no harvest. We are asking YOU to help feed school children.
We are also fundraising to provide seeds and fertiliser for farmers to plant to grow food in 2020.