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What Friends of Monze has achieved in 11 years
  • Over 4,480 children are being educated in 16 safe dry schools we have built, and more school building is planned. We have built or completed 13 houses for qualified teachers.

  • With literacy levels low we are working to equip schools with enough reading and text books, desks and solar powered laptops. We have provided sports equipment and drums. 

  • To improve nutrition for children and communities we have established 10 school gardens providing vegetables and fruit. By teaching permaculture gardening we have enabled communities to grow food crops in a sustainable manner using natural fertiliser and water harvesting.  By planting trees at schools and Monze Correctional Facility we hope to mitigate the impact of climate change.

  • By drilling or repairing 29 boreholes providing clean drinking water we have prevented illness at schools and nearby households. We also teach hand-washing and soapmaking.

  • We teach human rights and menstrual hygiene in schools and communities to prevent early forced marriage and improve girls future life chances.

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