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I worked with the Law and Development Association, a local human rights nongovernmental organisation, as a paralegal helping women and children whose rights were abused. I provided counseling and coordinated with others like minded organisation whose interest were in human rights especially children and women’s right. We delt with issues of land rights, ownership of property, inheritance and many more.

I worked on surveys and research as local consultant. I carried out a baseline survey with the Danish Institute for Human Rights, the program was Access to Justice and the survey was done in Southern and Central Provinces of Zambia. Furthermore I did a research with Greg Moran and Associates of South Africa in finding out how many women access justice and have their cases concluded in the courts of Law.

I am Lenah Simwiinde board member Zambia Women and Girls Foundation

I am a retired Government Civil Servant, I worked under the Ministry of Agriculture in the Department of Fisheries. My last position in the Government was Fisheries Development Officer, during my term of office I headed a District supervising and running everyday activities. I was the first woman to work in the Department of Fisheries since this was regarded as a man’s job. I introduced gender sensitisation meetings and talked to women about gender issues along the shores Lake Kariba in the Southern Province of Zambia.

I worked with GTZ which channels international aid from the Federal German Government to developing countries. I worked on the introduction of Chorkar Kiln, a fish processing technology used in Ghana.I also worked with Aquaculture for Local Communities in improving nutrition in the rural areas of Zambia by stocking and restocking of small water bodies in rural communities.

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