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Mwiinga Malimvwa Schoool

Mwiinga Malimvwa community school is in a beautiful remoter rural area. The school takes children from 7 villages where the community are farmers. The Department of Education asked us to rebuild the old grass roof structure. Building took place July 2017 to January 2018.

We put solar panels on the roof to power lights for evening literacy classes, laptops and a projector. We installed a RaspberryPi computer to access information about health, agriculture and Wikipedia as there is no internet access.

In 2018 we drilled a bore hole and provided permaculture gardening training, a fence, tools and fruit trees.

In 2019 we received a grant from Welsh Government's Wales Africa Grant Scheme, administered by WCVA to install a solar water pump at Mwiinga Malimvwa School.

The pump enables the school to access water it much easier to access water for:-

  • healthy clean water for drinking

  • water for washing preventing Neglected Tropical Diseases and providing protection during the pandemic 

  • water to irrigate the school permaculture garden to grow nutritious fruit and vegetables for the children and to generate income. 

The grant provided WASH training for the school children to learn to make "tippy taps" at home.

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